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You are NAU. 

You Are Making a Maverick Difference.

Thank you.

Since 1941, our alumni – Mavericks from National American University, National College, National College of Business, and National School of Business – are making a difference in their families, their communities and the world. 

As you and your fellow NAU graduates go on to do great things, NAU’s alumni office is here for you. Graduation is just the beginning. NAU is your alma mater, your university family, forever. Please take advantage of the free alumni benefits and engagement opportunities listed below. It’s our thanks to you for making a maverick difference out in the world. 

And, please stay in touch! We would love to hear how you are doing and, with your permission, do a little bragging. We are proud of our alumni. We are proud of YOU!

For questions, feedback, or just to talk, contact us at