The Wiyákpa Future Fund

making the dream of a college education possible for domestic abuse survivors

The Wiyákpa Future Scholarships, translated from Lakota to mean “Bright Future,” will be offered by the nonprofit NAU Foundation to WAVI clients both in and out of emergency shelter.

WAVI serves women in the Rapid City, South Dakota area for whom a college degree could mean the difference between status quo and economic independence for them and their children. NAU, which has been helping adult learners earn college degrees in Rapid City for 79 years, is uniquely qualified to help.

WAVI and the NAU Foundation, both 501(c)(3) organizations are calling on individuals and businesses and individuals to be a part of this unique opportunity to change lives through education. All contribution levels help and are appreciated. 

If you have questions about how you can help, please contact:

Kristina Simmons at 605-341-3292 or
Tamie Hopp at 605-394-4976 or