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OUr Amazing Scholarship Recipients

Each year, the NAU Foundation awards Academic Excellence Scholarships to some of our brightest students. In May 2018, these 59 students received the 2018-2019 Academic Excellence Scholarships. Congratulations! 

A&B Business Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

  • Savannah Herrell, BS Healthcare Management, Ellsworth AFB (SD)

  • Jason, BS Management, Ellsworth AFB (SD)

  • Thomas Lewis, BS Business Admin Emph Marketing, Ellsworth AFB (SD)

  • Renee Skoglund, Medical Assisting (Diploma), Sioux Falls (SD)

  • Samantha Jungen, BS Management, Sioux Falls (SD)


SmartCatalog Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

  • Shelby Betts, BS Nursing, Zona Rosa (MO)

Dean's College of Health and Sciences Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

Gray Plant Mooty Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

  • Alissa Roy, BS Paralegal Studies, Roseville (MN)

  • Desiree Hart, AAS Business Administration, Roseville (MN)

  • Erin Lunn, BS Professional Legal Studies, Roseville (MN)

Alumni Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

  • Amy Bailey, Executive Master of Business Admin, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Heather Hankins, AAS Accounting, Mesquite (TX)

Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

  • Breein Balistreri, BS Business Admin Emph HR, College of Military Studies

  • Cherie Beltran, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Linda Bowman, Master Management, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Emily Brown, AAS Paralegal Studies, Colorado Springs

  • Carolyn Carter, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Breanna Caudillo, BS Healthcare Management, Georgetown (TX)

  • Carolina Colla Trench, BS Business Admin Emph Int'l Business, Centennial (CO)

  • Nikki Comer, BS Criminal Justice, Independence (MO)

  • Toshua Cornwell, AAS Health and Beauty Management, Online Campus

  • Nohel Corral, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Katie Cruz, AAS Health Information Tech, Rochester (MN)

  • Alicea Dawes, BS Accounting, Garden City (KS)

  • Amanda Dobney, BS Professional Legal Studies, Canada Online

  • Rachel (Barr) Estrem, BS Professional Legal Studies, College of Military Studies

  • Brittani Fulfer, BS Healthcare Management, Online Campus

  • Carlos Garanzuay, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Desiree Gerber, AAS Medical Administrative Assisting, Colorado Springs

  • Karow Gordon, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Bailie Gossard, BS Business Admin, Online Campus

  • Kimberly Guajardo, BS Management, Mesquite (TX)

  • David H., BS Business Admin, Rochester (MN)

  • Stacey Hammond, BS Business Admin Emph Accounting, Tulsa (OK)

  • Natalia Hantke, Master Management Emph HR, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Jeffrey Hering, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Amy Hochman, BS Business Admin, Overland Park (KS)

  • Stefanie Khan, BS IT Emph Cybersecurity, Online Campus

  • Kelly Lazar, Master Management Emph Criminal Justice, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Anna Lopez, BS Management, Colorado Springs

  • Debalina Majumder, BS Healthcare Management, Overland Park (KS)

  • Roderick McKinley, BS Construction Management, Online Campus

  • Rosani Mendes Dos Santos, BS IT Emph Info Systems, Centennial (CO)

  • Juliete Molling, BS Business Admin Emph Int'l Business, Centennial (CO)

  • Lauren Naraine-Norris, BS Criminal Justice, College of Military Studies

  • Sandra Ochoa, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Donna Price, BS Health Care Management, Online Campus

  • Mary Richardson, BS Healthcare Management, Online Campus

  • Jill Roshua, BS Paralegal Studies, Rapid City (SD)

  • Susan Steffen, MBA, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Amber Storey, Master of Science in Nursing Emph Administration, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Masiye Tembo, BS Management, Online Campus

  • Christopher Triplett, BS Nursing (RN to BSN), Garden City (KS)

  • Damelys Vidal Mendez, Master Management Emph Project and Process Management, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Jessica Walters, AAS Occupational Therapy Assisting, Centennial (CO)

  • Todd Wientjes, BS Business Admin Emph Marketing    College of Military Studies

  • Monica Wiggins, CCLP - Doctoral, Roueche Graduate Center

  • Rhea Wright, AAS Occupational Therapy Assisting, Centennial (CO)

Community College Leadership Doctoral Scholarships Recipients