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2017 Alumni Webinar Series:

Webinars for and by National American University Alumni

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August 29, 2017: Memories and Milestones

Guy Tillett, who served the university for nearly 50 years, including 15 years as Director of Alumni Services, shared some memories and milestones from his time at NAU. Author of “Milestones: The 70 year progression of National American University,” Guy is uniquely qualified to take us on a walk through time.

July 25, 2017: Developing Your Resume for Government Positions

Presenter Terry Morgan, NAU alumnus, volunteer, and Foundation donor shares tips and advice on preparing your resume, and applying, for government positions. Government positions are posted on USJOBS.gov. The application process and what to include (or not include) in your resume is quite different than applying for positions with private employers. This webinar will help ensure you get started on the right foot when seeking government positions.

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June 27, 2017: The Millionaire Mindset

Rick Kahler, MSFP, ChFC, CFP, President of Kahler Financial Group, LLC, 2003 NAU Distinguished Service Alumni, and 1992 NAU graduate, presents “The Millionaire Mindset.”  In it, he touches on the psychology of money and spending, and offers tips for thinking about spending and saving differently. A “millionaire mindset” does not mean making wealth a life goal, says Rick. “But thinking like a millionaire will help you build a solid financial foundation to support you in reaching your life goals.”

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May 23, 2017: Understanding Social Media

Kassandra Cross, NAU’s Content Marketing Specialist, shares how you can utilize social media for networking purposes or running a business. She discusses the differences between the various social media channels and offers tips on best practices for social and professional use. Kassandra received her Master’s Degree in Management from National American University in 2014. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Management from University of West Georgia. 

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April 18, 2017: Networking and Being Involved In Your Community (how it’s a win win for everyone)

Andy Bartling, a NAU Alumnus, and Financial Representative for Modern Woodmen of America, speaks about the value of networking and volunteering in your community. Networking and volunteering helps one develop critical skills, meet new people, build credibility, and build awareness for your business. “Your comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be,” advises Andy in this webinar. He offers up great advice on how to get involved in your community to give back and get ahead.

March 27, 2017: The Value of Online Portfolios and Persistence

Scott Dahl, a multi-disciplinary designer with more than 12 years of higher education teaching, discusses the value of online portfolios for students, new graduates and others seeking career opportunities. He shares tips for a well-designed, effective and professional portfolio and free resources to create one.

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February 2017: Promoting Thyself – Finding, and Succeeding on, Your Career Path

Dr. Linda Woodard, NAU alumna and experienced workforce education and career development professional, presents “Promote Thyself.” Learn how to successfully promote yourself throughout your career journey using online tools and other tips. For more information about Dr. Woodard, visit the LDW Group, a business dedicated to providing career and workforce development advice.

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January 2017: SCORE Business Mentoring

Daren Anderson, NAU alumnus and President of Big D Technology, presents on SCORE, a national nonprofit organization that offers free business mentoring to new business owners and owners looking to grow their business. There are more than 11,000 SCORE mentors from across the country willing to help businesses be successful.

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