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Video Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients

Service-Learning Testimonials

“NAU’s Rapid City Nursing Students Help Out At Feeding South Dakota and Gain Empathy and Skills”: Read the article here, and the Student Testimonials here.

National American University and the NAU Foundation Team Up to Expand Successful Faculty-Student Mentoring Program” (April 2016)

Texas Angels:  NAU volunteers help Salvation Army’s “Angel Tree” efforts. Read about their efforts here.

Roueche and Mathis Doctoral Scholarships

Laura Marmolejo
I was so excited to hear that I had been offered the Roueche Doctoral Scholarship.   I have been thinking about pursuing this dream for over 10 years . . . I hope I can show you that your generosity will be used for greater things and that its impact will last for many years to come.”
Linda Woodard, MBM, GCDF, CDFI, CWDP
lindawoodard2The dream of earning a doctorate degree has been made possible due to the kind support of John and Suanne Roueche and Margaretta and John Mathis. I am forever indebted to the NAU Foundation for investing in me! As I move closer to the end of this great experience, I want Drs. Roueche and Drs. Mathis to know that I will follow their example to support those coming behind me in both time and talent.”
Lana Pigao
Lana-3 When I first started on this journey I would occasionally become stressed and think, I wish they would lower the bar for this program. Now that I am through my first year, it is clear that instead of lowering the bar for us to reach our doctorate and gain the competencies that we need to be leaders, you have provided us with the tools needed to reach the high level at which that bar sits. The standard of mentoring that you provide is priceless.”
Ruth Rodriguez-Reinhart, LMSW
I am writing to express my gratitude for your continued support on my educational journey. As I begin my second semester in the CCLP [Community College Leadership Program], I realize what a great opportunity I have been given and look forward to the doors it will open within the community college arena.  Again, thank you and one day I hope to pay it forward.”
Andrew J. Pegman
The encouragement and support that we receive in [the Community College Leadership Program] program makes all the difference. The faculty and leadership genuinely care about their students. I’ve never been part of a program where so much care and time is invested in the students. I am proud to be part of the CCLP; it has exceeded my expectations.” ”

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Stefanie Khan, B.S. in Information Technology Security Forensics (candidate)(Online Campus)

stefanie KahnI am more than thankful that I was selected to receive this scholarship. The major I am obtaining is my bachelors degree in information technology security forensics. My goal everyday is to strive for excellence in all of my classes and to excel in the future career path that I have chosen. I will continue to have a positive outlook to succeed in life.”  


Kimberly Jones, A.A.S. in Small Business Management (candidate), owner, Sistas and Company Catering (Allen, TX)

kimberly jonesAfter being empty nested I found myself wanting more and feeling left behind; so I decided, no better time like the present to at least begin to live my dreams, and I am loving it. I started back to college because I wasn’t very good at it in my younger years and I hate defeat. I am now a straight A student and am thrilled to know that I can do this.”  

Kamala Arneson, B.S. in Business Administration with Emphasis in Human Resource Management (candidate) (Watertown, SD)

I am very grateful that I was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship. I was able to take an extra class this quarter [fall 2015] by using the scholarship money to help pay for the extra costs. It also helps to lower the amount of student loans, which is very helpful!”

Michelle Schock, ~14, MM, MBA, BSHCM, AASMA (Independence, MO)

I attended NAU from 2007 through 2014 and obtained my Associates in Medical Assisting, my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management and a Dual Master’s degree in Business and Management.  I also taught for NMichelle SchockAU for over a year as adjunct faculty and tutored students whenever I could.  I received NAU’s Academic Excellence Scholarship a couple of times.  When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I was the valedictorian of the Independence campus.  I remember how hard I worked and what that scholarship meant to me.  Now I am the office manager at Encompass Medical Group in Independence.  I have had the privilege of hiring some of NAU’s finest!!  So I guess you could say NAU has been an important part of my career building journey.”

Celia McDonald, RMA, A.A.S. Medical Assisting, ’15 (Georgetown, TX)
I would like to share my experience in winning the NAU Academic Excellence scholarship. My academic path is one that started back when I was 19 years old going in and out of college. My parents are financially dependent on a lot of community and state programs to survive and I have had to sacrifice my academic pursuits on a number of occasions in order to keep my family afloat. Often times this meant working a full-time job, a part-time job, and going to school. I fell into the health field with my parents’ health issues and giving them medical care by being trained by emergency room staff and nurses. Any excess funds I would receive at the end of my financial aid disbursement always went to get my parents groceries, put gas in their car, or pay for their medical treatments in return for short periods of childcare for my young sons. [Read More].”

Barb Smith, '15, B.S. Healthcare Management (Sioux Falls, SD)
The Academic Excellence Award Scholarship is a great way that NAU recognizes the efforts of students. The scholarship made a notable difference in my quarterly tuition. The scholarship money was used to purchase textbooks and take extra classes which enabled me to complete my degree earlier.”

Michael Leising, '10, B.S. Applied Management (Austin, TX)
I was in the Navy and I had been taking college courses over a seven-year period before I enrolled at Michael Leising, 2013 Distinguished Service Alumni Award (2010, Austin)NAU. I was tired of not having a degree and I made that my number one priority at NAU. I did all of this while working full time, coaching a high school baseball team, and being a devoted family man. Learning how to balance your time and your priorities is the key to success. I am now Research Engineer/Scientist Associate for the University of Texas J.J. Pickle Applied Research Laboratory.”

Christopher Shane Neal, `15, Masters of Business Administration (Albuquerque, NM)
Shane NealI would like to thank NAU, the staff and scholarship committee for awarding me the alumni [Academic Excellence] scholarship. I appreciate the opportunity and support, and I look forward to another successful year at NAU. I only wish I’d found NAU years ago.”

David Manley bwAs an individual having to pay for his own education with the help of financial aid, I decided to apply for the scholarship. As I fought to keep my school expenses down as much as possible, the scholarship came through just in time. I express to you, that any time you are able to apply for a scholarship, you should. It’s free money that you are blessed to get.”

Education is one of the most important things a person can do to control their life, and that education is the greatest gift a person can give themselves!”

(Deb indicates appreciation for receiving the scholarship award, and explains that by working 40-50 hours per week, caring for an ill parent, and taking 2 or 3 classes at NAU each quarter has been a matter of setting goals, planning and identifying values.)

Rebecca Davis, `15, Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting (Distance – Black Hawk, SD)
Rebecca Davis, 2013 Academic Excellence ScholarshipI am thankful for the additional support as I have made higher education a priority in my life. I especially appreciate that my persistence and dedication in maintaining a high GPA allows me the opportunity for additional funding.”

TSgt. Andrew T. Johnson, `15, Masters in Management (Distance- AK)
The intent of this letter is to profusely thank NAU and the Foundation for recently awarding me with the alumni scholarship. As many before me have found out, it is not easy to work full time and attend an institution of higher learning full time as well. It becomes stressful at times and financial quandaries only add to the problems. This scholarship has helped to ease the financial burden and has made life attending National American University a little easier. I cannot say Thank You enough!”

Exceptional Faculty Scholarships

Carole Foster, Instruction Design; 2014 John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award Recipient
Attending the League for Innovation Conference in Boston was a very moving experience for me. The passion for education and student success was palpable. I left the conference feeling honored to serve our students and to be a part of their educational experience.”

This journey is heroic to me. These [students] are the dreamers and doers that I feel privileged to know and teach.”




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